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Case Study: How Al Ain Dairy Farm Boosted Milk Production by 12% with Jeser Al Arab’s Cooling System

The scorching summer sun in the UAE presents a constant challenge for dairy farmers. Heat stress in cows can lead to a significant drop in milk production, reduced fertility rates, and increased health risks. Al Ain Dairy Farm, a reputable producer in the region, was no stranger to these struggles.

Prior to 2023, Al Ain Dairy Farm experienced a dip in milk production during the summer months. Cows were visibly lethargic, spending less time feeding and more time seeking shade. Recognizing the need for a solution, Al Ain Dairy Farm partnered with Jeser Al Arab to implement our innovative Dairy Cow and Cattle Cooling System.

Jeser Al Arab’s cooling system utilizes misting technology and evaporative cooling to create a cool and refreshing environment for cows. A network of strategically placed nozzles generates a fine mist of water droplets. As the mist evaporates, it absorbs heat from the air, effectively lowering the surrounding temperature.

A misting system can provide cooling to the dairy cows on hot days.

The Jeser Al Arab Solution

The system at Al Ain Dairy Farm was designed to target key areas like resting areas and feeding troughs, ensuring maximum benefit for the cows. The easy installation process minimized disruption to the farm’s operation, and the system’s minimal maintenance requirements made it a practical and cost-effective solution.

The Results Speak for Themselves

Since installing Jeser Al Arab’s Cooling System in 2023, Al Ain Dairy Farm has witnessed a remarkable improvement in their cows’ well-being and productivity. Here are the key results:

  • Increased Milk Production: Milk yield per cow saw a significant increase of 12% during the summer months compared to the previous year.
  • Improved Cow Health: Reduced heat stress led to a noticeable improvement in overall cow health. Veterinary visits related to heat-related illnesses decreased significantly.
  • Enhanced Cow Comfort: Cows were visibly more comfortable with the cooling system in place. They spent more time feeding and less time seeking shade, indicating a reduction in heat stress.

A Successful Partnership

Al Ain Dairy Farm is a shining example of how Jeser Al Arab’s cooling solutions can significantly benefit dairy farms in the Middle East. By creating a cooler and more comfortable environment for cows, we can help farmers achieve increased milk production, improved cow health, and ultimately, a more successful and sustainable dairy farming operation.

Are you ready to see similar results on your farm?

Contact Jeser Al Arab today to learn more about our Dairy Cow and Cattle Cooling System!

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