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Polymer Safety barriers are an effective means of highlighting key workflow areas and traffic routes, alerting vehicle operators, pedestrians, and visitors to these designated zones. 


These barriers serve a dual purpose: safeguarding both your visitors and staff while protecting your warehouse’s infrastructure from potential collisions. Our range of PAS 13 tested Polymer Safety Barriers includes Single Bumper Barriers, Double Bumper Pedestrian Barriers, End of Aisle Single Rail Barriers, and more.

Applications of our Polymer Safety barriers


Deploy the Double Bumper Pedestrian Safety Barrier to create secure pedestrian walkways throughout warehouses. End of Aisle Double Rail Barriers are used to secure racking along the main forklift traffic routes. This facilitates the smooth movement of personnel while preventing accidents in workspaces shared with forklifts and other equipment. The Pedestrian Safety Barriers (SEG+) are particularly suited for segregating forklifts and pedestrians in areas with a significant volume of foot traffic, such as production lines, assembly areas, and busy logistic centre environments.

Industrial Facilities

Enhance safety by using the Polymer Safety Barrier to establish dedicated pedestrian pathways. End of Aisle Single Rail Barriers are used to secure racking along the main forklift traffic routes. This segregation of foot traffic from machinery and vehicles prevents potential accidents in bustling industrial environments. Our Pedestrian Safety Barriers (SEG+) and Double Bumper Pedestrian Barriers are perfect for separating forklifts and equipment from pedestrian routes, protecting low impacts along the ground.

Food Production Facilities

Implement our Pedestrian Safety Barriers in food processing zones to maintain a distinct separation between workers and equipment. This ensures hygienic operations and reduces the risk of collisions. Our Polymer range from Single Bumper Barriers to Double Bumper Pedestrian Barriers are excellent for areas where water, mould, corrosion, and solvents will unavoidably be prevalent.

About BrandSafe & Rack Armour

Protecting people is at the core of our mission, and our unwavering commitment to safety is evident in our impeccable safety culture. We are dedicated to delivering on our promises, driving innovation, and maintaining an unyielding focus on customer driven quality. Customer satisfaction is paramount, and we go above and beyond to ensure their success throughout the entire product lifecycle.
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