warehouse barrier

warehouse barrier

warehouse barrier

Warehouse Crash Barriers are an essential in the workplace to protect racking and walkways. Warehouses are hazardous places, possibly with multiple forklift trucks moving at speed around spaces, causing potential harm to racking and goods.

Verge safety barriers will help you improve the safety of your shop floor. Extensive range of safety barriers

Our warehouse barriers vary in style, design, and budget .It’s important to have safety warehouse barriers in place to protect items. Such as pallet racking, expensive machinery or even stock.

The Defender Warehouse Hoop Barrier provides increased safety for work areas. The tough steel design of the barrier helps to protect assets and pedestrians from impact. Each barrier is made from hot-dip galvanised steel for excellent rusting protection.

The hoop barriers are powder coated yellow for better visibility in warehouses. Install at pedestrian walkways, machinery, infrastructure and more.

How to install the Defender Warehouse Hoop Barriers

The warehouse barriers can be installed directly into the surface. Each barrier comes with base plates for fast installation where needed. Simply bolt the barrier down where needed most. Use to protect assets from impact damage from work vehicles.