years of experience to ensure the best high pressure performance.

he most versatile and performing Cold & Hot water range for unrivalled performances under all operating conditions.


  • Pump with light alloy head: perfect solidity
  • Durable aluminum equipment
  • Low water and energy consumption with excellent washing results.
  • compact and lightweight

How does it Work?

Every effective cleaning requires Physical action as well as Chemical action. In ULTRATECNO Ultrasonic Cleaners, the parts are submerged into a tank of water and 4-5% of effective chemicals. Cavitation; a physical phenomenon produced by ultrasound waves, provides necessary physical action to remove dirt from the parts. During Cavitation, millions of microscopic gaseous bubbles (less than 1 µm) are generated and compressed until they implode, releasing huge volumes of energy. During implosion, temperatures of over 5000º K and pressures of up to 3000 atm. producing a micro-brushing/blasting phenomenon at a very high frequency (28,000 times per second) resulting in outstanding cleaning of the parts.

Why Choose ULTRATECNO Power Ultrasonic Cleaning?

  • In comparison with standard 40kHz ultrasonic cleaners,ULTRATECNO’s technology delivers 28kHz POWERFUL CAVITATION, which allows Heavy Duty applications as decarb, paint or burnt material removal.
  • The Green Label features of ULTRATECNO Power Ultrasonic Cleaningprovide up to 45% reduction at RUNNING COSTS (electricity and detergent). This means up to568,000 AED saving for a 1000 liter size cleaner during its lifetime (20 years)! Never underestimate running costs calculation when purchasing new equipment!
  • Our traditional design and manufacturing concept is aimed at Heavy Duty industrial daily use. We use robust oversized stainless steel (up to 55% thicker than competitors) & reliable parts for the longest lifetime under extreme conditions.