Bumper Barriers

Our Rack Armour Bumper Barrier range is made from the same components as the industry leading Rack Armour upright protector, giving it the same impact and absorption qualities on a larger scale.

Our Bumper Barriers have been designed to absorb and disperse energy from everyday impacts that would render metal systems damaged and in need of repair. These barriers can be utilised in variety of applications, from warehousing to carparks, airports to manufacturing centres.

Floor Rail Barrier – Small, effective and extremely tough

The perfect solution for damage at low levels due to order pickers. The Rack Armour Low Level Barrier is made from our innovative ballistics grade materials which takes knocks and bumps from MHE that would otherwise render your racking or shelving damaged. This barrier is extremely popular with picking areas where fork lift trucks don’t operate, giving you a small yet extremely effective obstacle for all MHE.

Single Bumper Barrier – The original and best

A must have barrier for any warehouse. The barrier is our most popular design giving users the right amount of visibility and strength whilst maximising space.

Double Bumper Barrier – Double your protection

Doubling the protection value of a standard single bumper barrier, this product is a must have for those warehouses with large MHE moving product at a high frequency.