Welcome to Caldo Freddo

The technology that we have is from Italy. It’s capable of keeping the audience at an outdoor event cool and comfortable even during the hot and humid summer months. The company’s evaporative cooling units reduce the temperature drastically, while consuming only a fraction of the power consumed by conventional air-conditioning.

These units are widely used in outdoor restaurants, Hotels, horse stables, greenhouses, outdoor school events, outdoor congregations at mosques, supermarkets and many other outdoor places, particularly where conventional air-conditioning is of little use and also unaffordable.

We offers environment-friendly products and technology that can change the weather outdoors. All our products can either be rented or purchased. All products are based on the concept of evaporative cooling.


We strives to provide unique & innovative products, services & after sales support, that delivers superior satisfaction to users.


To become a successful business unit in products and services by fulfilling the clients needs & preferences through innovation, quality, high class employee morale, employee satisfaction & customer satisfaction.