We are one of the main supplier’s high quality PE Tarpaulins in Dubai. Tarpaulins are made of High Quality PE Fabric. Water proof, stabilized against ultraviolet rays & excess heat for long outdoor exposure.

Our rich industry experience also lies in successfully meeting the demands as tarpaulin supplier in Dubai for quality finished range of Tarpaulins. We offer ready made tarpaulins fabricated by heat sealing panels of PE Laminated Fabric with reinforcement rope provided in heat sealed hemming(borders). Strong eyelets/grommets are fitted on the hemmed borders; distance between eyelets can vary as per your requirement. Reinforcement corner pieces can also be provided on the corners if required. We offer tarpaulins in cut size as well as in full and finished size. Our tarpaulins are generally made of three layers i.e. (lamination + fabric +lamination). We also specialize in five and seven layer tarpaulins i.e. (lamination + fabric + lamination + fabric + lamination) and (lamination + fabric + lamination + fabric + lamination + fabric + lamination) respectively. These tarpaulins are very tough because of multiple structured layers due to which the durability is very high; especially suitable for rugged/rough use.

Industrial Heavy Duty Floor Tapes

Solid color floor marking tapes are great for marking certain areas in your warehouse. Use our safety floor marking tape for marking certain hazards, safety precautions, aisle ways and other areas. Our floor marking tapes are great for industrial warehouses and facilities, hospitals, oil and gas facilities, and other floor marking areas. The patented floor marking tape has a peel and stick adhesive and removes cleanly upon removal.
Diagonal floor marking tape is most durable diagonal tape on the market. The diagonal floor marking tape is great for marking off caution, hazards, and other extra dangerous areas in the facility or warehouse. Our diagonal floor marking tape is great to warn pedestrians that is safety precaution zone.
Our Floor Tapes are the staple of our business, as well as our company. With the initial success of our patented Floor Tapes, we have come to expand our floor tape product line to include solid color floor tapes with a center line, diagonal patterned safety tapes, glow-in-the-dark tapes, and a host of other products. Most of our patented floor tapes are offered in four sizes: 2’’, 3’’, 4’’ and 6’’. Floor tapes comes in our standard colors of yellow, black, white, red, green, orange, brown, purple, blue and grey, with a variety of styles.

Retractable Barrier Unit

The unique way to cordon off any area, creating safer environments with high visibility retractable 9m tape. It simply clicks on top of most traffic cones. It saves you time, storage space and money, paying for itself in months over throw away barrier tape.

Anti Slippary Shoe Cover

A new and innovative non-slip footwear product. The product employs a proprietary tread and sole compound that, when combined, provides one of the best non-slip applications on the market. They are ideal for a variety of indoor environments where water and grease increase the risk of slips and falls from restaurants to breweries and dairies.
They are securely affixed to the bottom of the users footwear through a lightweight Thermal Plastic Elastoplast which has great strength, stretch and memory. They can be pulled on or off any shoe making it the ideal cost effective alternative to a full shoe non-slip product.
Anti-Slip Shoe Cover Features:
Proprietary sole compound and tread pattern dramatically enhances traction in slick or wet environments.
Thermoplastic Elastoplast (TPE) tension fit uppers offer easy on & off for a full range of shoe or boot sizes and styles.
TPE keeps Stabilizers snug on your feet while added sole padding delivers greater comfort & reducing leg fatigue.
Laboratory and field tests reveal superior performance on a wide range of flooring conditions.
Transferable among st staff = best value in anti-slip footwear.

Men Sizes:
Small: 4-6
Medium: 6.5-8.5
Large: 9-12
X-Large: 12.5-14.5

Women Sizes:
Small: 5-8
Medium: 8.5-10.5
Large: 11-13.5

Anti Slippery Mats

A slick and moist floor is a significant hazard. Some surfaces like tile and laminate are prone to becoming extremely slippery when moist. Accidents that occur as a result of a misplaced foot can be embarrassing, painful, and very costly. It is always a good idea to have anti-slip floor mats set in place, especially in an area prone to wet conditions. Rubber-Cal’s line of safety flooring mats is an ideal and affordable solution to safeguarding your area from the dangers of moisture while making sure that you and your guests are secure on your feet. A huge part of this safety lies in the rubber material used to make our anti-skid flooring. It enhances traction and inhibits moisture at the same time. Every type of floor, whether it is residential, commercial, or industrial, can benefit from the presence of rubber traction mats.

The primary feature about anti-slip floor mats is that they increase the safety of wet areas. Business owners take an interest in rubber non-slip mats because of this reason. Some commercial venues like restaurant kitchens are hazardous areas that see lots of loose liquids getting onto their existing floors. Without any safety flooring in place, the risk of workers slipping and injuring themselves is far greater. In addition to kitchen areas, these mats are ideal to place at entryways when there are wet weather conditions. With rubber anti-slip floor mats placed in such areas, people will experience more security while on their feet. This safety is provided in large part thanks to the rubber material that is used in our traction mats.

Glow in the Dark Tapes

Power outs in the workplace increase health and safety hazards, and doing your upmost to eradicate the problems that may arise can save you and your employees a lot of hardship. Heskins produces glow in the dark tape for that very purpose, manufactured using the latest technology in photolu­min­es­cence to ensure walkways, stairways and entrances and exits are illuminated well enough for you to find your way safely. The glow in the dark materials used to manufacture our products are non-toxic, and free from any phosphorous or radioactive material. Photolu­min­escent tape can take very little time to charge by absorbing artificial or natural light ( approx. 2 hours ) by the use of photons, in a lights out situation glow in the dark tape emits a strong photolu­min­escent reaction that can illuminate stair nosings, door surrounds, walkways, stairways, skirting boards, entrance/­exit ways and anywhere else that would require strong, electricity free illu­mina­tion.

Rubber Corner Guards

Corner guards are made of high impact resistance rubber. They are designed to protect the cars from hitting the edges of columns in structures. … Rubber corner guards and column protectors are best suited for basement parking and inside industries to avoid damage from and to vehicles. Our rubber corner guards are strong.

Rubber Wheel Stopper

Designing of products as per customer specifications.
Sourcing best available raw material.
Continuous up gradation of techniques.
Quality testing of finished products.
Ensuring scheduled delivery.
Following stringent quality measures through the manufacturing
Collecting feedback from the customer about the products & services

Steam Cleaners

Steam cleaning involves using steam for cleaning. Its uses include domestic applications in cleaning flooring and household dirt removal, and industrial uses in removing grease and dirt from engines.

In ovens, steam cleaning is a safe alternative to self cleaning because with water it uses safer, lower temperatures than self-cleaning.

Hand Dryer

Advantages of Hand Dryers promoted by Caldo Freddo Hospitality.
* Low electricity consumption rate comparing other hand dryers.
* Energy efficient & eco-friendly hand dryers are now being used instead of tissue paper and ordinary hand dryers.
* Please note that One ton of paper consumes 17 trees, 5.5 metric tons of landfill space and pollutes 75,000 liters of water.
* In our commitment to safeguard the environment we promote use of eco-friendly & energy efficient hand dryers instead of tissue papers and ordinary hand dryers.
Why use hand dryers promoted by Caldo Freddo Hospitality?
1. Save 66 % by reducing use of tissue paper consumption, labor/ related cost from existing usage.
2. It also offers significant running cost savings over ordinary hand dryers (Long lasting Motor)
3. Lower electric consumption costs.
4. HEPA Filter, anti-bacterial additives body, 2 sides air curtain & proper drainage system for complete hygiene
Hand dryers are electric machines found in public bathrooms instead of tissue papers. They may either operate with the push of a button or automatically using a sensor. Hand washing is an important part of hygiene, and so an effective and ecofriendly method of drying the hands is necessary.

Safe Boxes

Safe Boxes series in-room safe, a new era in hotel in-room safe indusgtry. Motivator is ideal for the most demanding hotels. By combining unique digital security touchpad technology and fashionable design. Motivator will become the best choice for the design conscious hoteliers.
Safe Boxes series hotel in-room safe is also equip with RFID security configuration. With this configuration, Motivator RFID allows your guests to securely operate the safe with the same RFID room key. Thus becoming the perfect in-room safe for hotelier achiveing all-in-one card solution withouth compromising your guest’s security needs.

Operate off 9V alkaline battery (Typically 10000 cycles)
Low battery alarmBuzzer alarm after 5 invalid codes, with a 5 minute lock out
Master and Service codes (Audit trail)
Software management program & hand held programmer
Emergency key override